Chester Bed


A statement Tall headboard, a supportive base, soft velvet fabric upholstery – say hello to Right Price Beds Plush Velvet light silver Bed. This beautiful bed is a blend of statement design, grandeur, and versatility. The cushioned headboard adds a touch of extra comfort whilst the split base gives you support as you sleep.

The Chester Bed is contemporary design and tradition blended together; it features a grey colour which gives this bed the ultimate adaptability to decor styles and colour palettes. This adaptability is ideal for those who want to add colour to their bedrooms without the worry that it won’t match the furniture and allows the bed to adapt to other furniture styles. The Plush  fabric which upholsters the whole bed, also contrasts beautifully with the sturdy chrome feet.

Delivery 2-3 Weeks

**Mattress not included**

**10 Colour options available**

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