Organic Cotton Mattress


The jewel of Right Price Beds collection, the Organic Cotton  Mattress is a truly stunning natural mattress.

The Organic is beautifully handcrafted from the finest Irish materials and proudly made in Ireland. It features 100% of the finest organic cotton for the ultimate in luxury comfort.

Highly prized for its resilience and durability,. Cotton also boasts excellent anti-irritation and anti-allergenic properties. 

It’s blended with the finest cotton for a luxurious feel. This gentle comfort layer provides exceptional temperature control, helping you to drift off into a blissful slumber.

Finished with a pillow top for enhanced comfort and sumptuously deep at 35cm, the Organic will be a beautiful addition to your bedroom. It’s a mattress that really does look as good as it feels!

Nestled underneath all the plush, natural fillings is an impressive 2500 individual pocket springs. One of our highest ever pocket spring counts, these clever springs offer total body support and encourage healthy spinal alignment.

The combination of 1000 traditional pocket springs and 1500 SoftTech comfort springs is what sets the Organic apart. Highly responsive to your movements and unique shape, SoftTech pocket springs contour to your body for personalized support.


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