Aloe Vera Pocket Mattress



Skin Rejuvenation – Integrates aloe Vera for healthier and more
radiant skin.
High-Quality Composition – Includes edge-to- edge springs for
support in any sleeping position.
Luxurious Comfort – Features a pillow-top and high-caliber
polyester for a comforting feel.
Dedicated Craftsmanship – Produced in Ireland with remarkable
care and trusted techniques.


The Alovera uses orthopedic springs to provide more restful nights
and energized days.
For relief during cold and dry winter months, The Alovera uses
natural aloe for reduced itchiness and skin healing.
It’s also the perfect compliment for relief from the sun’s rays during
the summer.
The Aloe vera also incorporates breathable fabric to prevent dust mites
and soothing aloe for skin support. This Mattress comes rolled in a box for your convenience.
With layers of support and 40mm high-grade memory foam, the
sophistication of this mattress leads to deep rest and recovery.
A soothing mattress with long-lasting benefits for skin and overall


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